Welcome to the AE Blog

Welcome to the new-look AE Website!

As part of the development of Accepting Evangelicals and with huge gratitude to Chris Dicken of  Random River, ( www.randomriver.net ) we are pleased to unveil our new look website –  we hope you like it.

As well as a new look, there are a number of new features.

AE Blog:

First and foremost, we are launching an AE Blog with the new website!  There will be a fresh posting every Monday, with the opportunity to comment.  Posting will come from a variety of people on the steering group, and  you can find the Blog on the menu bar at the right hand side.

Easier to Join:

We have also been able to simplify the process for new members signing up, making it much more user friendly.  So it is now easier than ever to join AE.  Membership is free – simply fill in your details in the on-line form and choose Open or Confidential membership.

As before we will not share your details with any third parties unless we have your express permission.

‘Newsletter Only’ Option:

If you are interested in Accepting Evangelicals, but do not feel able to become a member, why not sign up to receive our monthly Newsletter.  Simply fill in your email address under the menu bar on the right hand side.   You will receive our newsletter each month by email, with links to new material on-line.

So let us know what you think…

Use the comment option below to write a few words – it will be great to hear from you!

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  1. Having retired, moved to Devon, joined a new church, etc I am just getting back in touch with AE. Good to see the new website – it certainly looks much better than the old one.
    Would it be helpful if there was discussion of some of the recent court cases where the judgement has found against those who try to follow the traditional line, e.g. Mr and Mrs Johns who have been rejected as foster parents for young children because of their traditional views. What do AE members feel about this – are the courts right, or are we seeing what has been termed the illiberalism of liberalism, and a rather nasty tendency to bully?

  2. Benny Hazlehurst

    Thanks George.

    It is good to hear from you and I hope you have settled well into retirement.

    The typos have been fixed, and the steering group is meeting on Saturday so I will ensure we discuss the recent court rulings.

    Do you have a view you would like to share on the blog?

  3. I love the new site. I specially like the point made on the home page that we need to develop a positive ethic for gay Christian life. There is a great deal in the current secular gay culture which is not really compatible with the Christian duty to love one’s neighbour as oneself.

    The point which George Day makes is one that has been worrying me for some time. Equality rights are important but freedom of conscience is more important still, for Christians and non-Christians alike. If the courts go on threatening it in the name of equality, there’s going to be a dangerous backlash eventually. We could be in danger of losing all we have gained.

  4. Laurence Roberts

    Yes, congratulations on the new website – must take so much work, skill and confidence to go forward like this -as with any creative venture.

    Happy reitirement Goerge.

    Enjoy the still beauty
    of the rolling fields
    and skies

    And Benny – happy next chapter of ministry ! There is life after de er parish ! 🙂

    best of all G-d is with us !


  5. Laurence Roberts

    Do we really need a gay sexual ethic? Or should we embrace the sexual ethic of the heterosexual world — is it so advanced after all ?

    Maybe ethic of neighbourly love for all- though the circumstances may differ….
    I am so proud of the ethics of my lesbian and gay sisters and bros– both in the sack and out ! – when one reflects that we have had no support from Church or State, with such projects of neighbourly love and embodiment of eros in our projects, families and sexual celebration.

  6. Benny Hazlehurst

    Thanks everyone!

    George and Hazel have raised the issue of recent court cases ruling in favour of equality laws and against traditional Christian views.

    We will be addressing this soon, I am sure, but in the meantime, you may find it interesting to read the Press Release from Evangelical Alliance which has clear misgivings about Christian groups bringing these cases to court in the first place. The web address is below…


  7. Thanks, Benny, for the link. Actually, having read two or three comments from various sources I am inclined to think that the bringing of this court case was unwise, but I continue to be concerned about the bullying tendency we see so often. We see it of course from the conservatives, with their dumping of scriptural verses onto people. But we are also see it from the liberals – and I don’t mean those in the church with liberal theology, but those in society who take what they claim is a liberated view, but then are so pleased in having done so that they bully those who cannot accept this line. Actually, I suppose what I am objecting to is sinful human nature! Ah, well!

    Anyway, it is good that Accepting Evangelicals can provide a forum in which hopefully we can avoid all sense of bullying and can acknowledge the often very sincere concerns of our conservative brothers and sisters, while doing what we can to see an acceptance of committed gay relationships.

    Incidentally, re Laurence’s comment on whether we need a gay sexual ethic, my own feeling is that this is an important area, and Changing Attitude’s booklet “Sexual Ethics” is inadequate in that in the end it seems to say that everything is OK so long as it does not harm anybody else.

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