Towards a Theoleogy of Gay Marriage?

The following article from Accepting Evangelicals was published in The Church of England Newspaper  last Friday, to open up some measured discussion on same-sex marriage.     Let us know your reactions….

It begins:   

As the Government begins to explore the possibility of new policies on marriage for same-sex couples, do we need to revisit our theology of marriage and ask “Is it really as Biblical as we think?”

 To read the rest, follow this link.

 Towards a Theology of Gay Marriage

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  1. This is a great move towards a “theology of Gay Marriage”. The way you describe the mindset and activities of the Pharisees seems to me to really strike at the core of the issue.

    The only thing I would comment is that do you run the risk of putting too much emphasis on the pre-eminent importance of that marriage relationship and does it, exclude a theology of singleness?

  2. Biblical marriage changed with the times. It began with polygamy and concubines/maids of the wife bearing the family’s children; later levirate marriage was instituted when a woman was given to her dead husband’s brother(s) to raise an heir for the dead man. A woman was more righteous playing the prostitute to conceive if a brother would not do his duty eg Tamar who solicited father-in-law Judah to conceive because he had not directed a son to give an heir to his dead brother.
    Until the 18th century here only property owners who needed an heir made a legal arrangement we call marriage. It was in 18th century our law changed. Until that time a man need only take a woman to his home to become recognised his wife.

  3. I loved Benny Hazlehurst’s article on Gay Marriage. Surely it will give even the most consertive of Christians pause for thought. Brilliant.

  4. Great news!

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