April Newsletter 2011

This month we have something of a Baptist Focus with two pieces from the UK and USA.  We also have more Website news as we continue its development.

BMS World Mission Considers Sexuality …

In the latest issue of ‘Mission Catalyst’,  the Baptist Missionary Society has tackled head-on the issue of sexuality and the Gospel.

“Whether we like it or not, the Church has a bad name in matters of sexuality. Our engagement is too often censorious rather than liberating. We struggle to talk openly about matters that strike to the core of who we are.”
David Kerrigan, BMS General Director

What is more, they have included two articles by members of Accepting Evangelicals – one from our Co-Chair Martin Stears-Handscomb, and another by Rachel and Sarah Hagger-Holt, authors of the book ‘Living it Out’.  There is also an article by Andrew Marin who works in the USA to build bridges between the church and gay community.

Mission Catalyst is mailed to every Baptist Minister in the country, so you might like to ask your local Baptist Minister about their thoughts on it.

You can download this issue of the Magazine from the BMS website by following this link and Martin’s full article can be found via our Press page.

Black, Gay, & Baptist – a tribute to Pastor Gomes…

Sadly we mourn the passing of another trail blazer in openness and honesty this month. Pastor Peter J Gomes was a Baptist Minister, as well as being Professor of Morals, and minister of the Memorial Church at Harvard University. 

He shocked both students and the establishment in 1991 when he intervened in disturbances brought on by homophobic articles on campus, and declared that he was “a Christian who happens as well to be gay”.

From that moment on he became a national voice against religious homophobia, speaking and writing often against those who used the Bible as a tool for prejudice and intolerance.

He was perhaps at his best in the article he wrote for the New York Times in 1992 entitled “Homophobic?  Re-read your Bible“.  What he wrote then is just as relevant and powerful today.

A fuller tribute can also be found in the New York Times – follow this link

Facebook, Twitter, Buzz and LinkedIn – website news!

We now have ‘share’ buttons on all the website pages, meaning that you can add AE pages and articles to your chosen social network with a simple mouse click!

By using these you can not only spread awareness of Accepting Evangelicals, but also counter the public perception that the whole church is ‘anti-gay’.

So when you see something you like – please share it!

We have also got into our weekly routine of publishing a new Blog every Monday at the AE Blog – do feel free to comment on anything that grabs your attention.

God Bless and Keep You…
Accepting Evangelicals

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