Urgent Action Required …

The Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill which could bring in the death penalty for some homosexuals has restarted its passage through parliament.

The bill was first introduced in 2009 but stalled after a wave of international protest.

But today a parliamentary committee in Uganda held a second day of hearings on putting it to a vote in the Ugandan parliament this week.   Further information can be found in an article by Associated Press (AP).

Protests to the Ugandan government have proved to be effective in the past and many evangelical groups (both progressive and conservative) joined the outcry.

To act today please visit http://www.allout.org/en/petition/uganda and sign up to the on line petition. 

There may be as little as 72 hours in which to act.  Please act now…

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Benny.

  2. All people of good will, informed by social justice must, in the strongest possible terms, condenm the violation of human rights of gay people in Uganda.
    When sexual orientation is used as a basis for persecution of citizens by the state, do not be surprised when persecution is used for other ‘kinds’ of peoples deemed a threat.

  3. As someone who has lived and worked in Uganda, alongside faithful, loving, generous and open-minded followers of Jesus Christ, including Janani Luwum, I am heart-broken to read of the persecution and threats against other faithful people in Uganda. I beg you to think again, to see your brothers and sisters as fellow human beings, and to consider very carefully how this action will affect Uganda’s reputation as a decent and civilised society.

  4. David Randolph-Horn

    This bill is dangerous in that it tends to give poeple permission to attack gay people as well, as making what should be private public and punnishable.
    Please think before you “enact”

  5. And these are the people who take it upon themselves to give the Episcopal Church in the USA instruction in morals! It’s like taking moral advice from Hitler (who sent gay men to the gas chambers)

  6. terence cameron

    My wife and I are catholic christians who
    believe that people should be respected and
    not punished by goverments who judge them.
    Whether we agree or not with their life style it is not for us to judge them ,,,leave that to God who will judge us all ,not just them. Intolerance is a crime ..be careful what you do.

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