Powerful New Stories to read and pass on…

This week we feature two stories from women which powerfully express the anger, frustration and hurt which discrimination causes in the Church.

The first is a new story on the AE Stories page, from a lesbian who does not yet feel able to be open in her church, but who has felt powerfully affirmed by God in both her faith and sexuality.

The second is via a link to Lesley’s Blog and is written by a bisexual Christian who has suffered as result of being open about her sexuality and same-sex partnerhip.

Both stories evoke strong reactions, and cannot be ignored.  Please read them and pass them on.

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  1. Patrick Gillan

    I was moved by both these stories.I hope soon to publish my own story.I just want to say to both these girls and partners,don’t give up I won’t we may share the pain but we will also share the resurrection power of Jesus he is in the struggle with us and He can never be defeated,

    Live in God,

    Patrick Gillan.

  2. Ive just read Lindseys story and oh how the it is echoing in my heart – the pain AND the gain ! It was so good to hear the stuff about Jesus AFIRMING not just ACCEPTING – it makes so much more sense , but its going to take a little while longer i feel to REALLY reach my core belief of who Jesus really sees me as and affirms me as. Im on my way tho 🙂 thanks Lindsey

    • thank you for reading it with such an open heart, lw. I’m learning more about Jesus’ love each day, and thank goodness He’s so patient with us! He’s so gentle, and knows us better than we know ourselves. We’re all on our way somewhere! thank you x

  3. Both very moving, but disturbing, stories. There must be hundreds or thousands of gay Christians out there who are having to suffer the persecution in silence. I pray that they will be moved by the Spirit to seek out this ministry and find the peace which jesus gives to all.

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