Greenbelt 2011

If you are going to Greenbelt this year you may be interested in a number of sessions which are being put on by OuterSpacean LGBT Christian group. A number of members of Accpepting Evangelicals are among the organisers of OuterSpace, and others like Benny Hazlehurst will be there for the weekend.

Details are as follows:

9.30pm Friday – ‘Dreams of Home’

Finding a spiritual home for LGBT Christians can seem like an unattainable dream. This panel session will be an opportunity to hear from individuals who have managed to find a spiritual space they can call home, whether that is within formalised church or without. This session will be in one of the Workshop rooms in the grandstand

9.30pm Saturday – ‘Parents of Gay Children’

Dreams of home can become a nightmare for Christian parents who discover their child is gay. This session is led by parents who have been there and have come out of it stronger. They will talk about their personal experiences, the on-going implications for their family and non-family relationships, and their own faith. This will be in one of the Workshop rooms in the grandstand

Sunday Evening – OuterSpace social on the campsite. They’ll organise an easy-to-find rendezvous point for everyone to meet and go over to the campsite together.

11pm Sunday – Entertaining Angels Unawares

Join members of Outerspace for a late-night reflection on home and hospitality, encounter and grace – for home-makers and pilgrims, boundary-dwellers and guests, whatever you’re leaving and wherever you’re headed, whether you feel at home in the world or at home with yourself, you’re welcome. This will happen in SoulSpace at the top of the Grandstand.

12.30pm Monday – LGBT Eucharist

Join Outerspace for a celebration of the eucharist to draw together their time together at the festival; everyone is welcome. This will take place at the Worship Co-operative (formally New Forms)

As well as these sessions, OuterSpace will have its usual presence in the G:Source area, where you can meet to share ideas, browse resources, and have a chat! There will be meetings on the campsite for corporate prayer and worship on Friday at 6pm, and on each morning at 9am.

See you there!!!

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