Books – Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality by Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers has impressive credentials.

He is the Professor of Theology Emeritus at San Francisco Theological Seminary and former lecturer at Fuller Theological Seminary.  He was the Moderator or the 213th Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA and is a life-long committed Evangelical.

In the early chapters of this book, he defines an evangelical as someone who accepts 3 propositions:

1. People can and should have a relationship with God through trust in Jesus Christ.

2. The Bible is the final authority for salvation and living the Christian life.

3. God’s grace in Jesus Christ is such good news that everyone should hear about it.

He was also someone who was deeply concerned about growing acceptance of gay and lesbian people in the church in the 1990’s and who joined other conservatives in speaking out against such developments.

But in the years that followed his view changed and this book charts his story of this radical change through listening to LGB&T Christians, study of the Bible, and reflecting on church history.

It is a mixture of personal testimony and theological study.  It encourages readers to develop their understanding of Biblical interpretation, church order, and of how the Bible has been misused many times in history to justify prejudice and oppression.  It seeks to draw a line between being an Evangelical and being a Fundamentalist.  And it concludes with 3 brief Bible studies around the theme of “All one in Christ”.

Also useful in the second edition is a Study Guide for groups who want to use the book to study and discuss the issue.  Although set in the context of the Presbyterian Church in the USA, there is something here for all Christians seeking to grapple with what the Bible does and doesn’t say about sexuality, ministry, marriage and the will of God.

Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality by Jack Rogers. 
Published by WJK (Westminster John Knox Press).  ISBN 978-0-664-23397.
Available from Amazon in the USA – follow this link.
In the UK, Waterstones currently have it in stock, and while Amazon are out of hardcopy stock at the time of writing, the Kindle version is available here.
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