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This week’s AE Blog is a link to 2 articles – one from the US and one from the Guardian newspaper in the UK.

First up is a post by Kathy Canyonwalker who writes about Ten things I’ve learned about gay people in ten years – a Christian Perspective.”  The list is simple but the case she makes is compelling…

Being gay is not a choice

There are gay Christians

Gay couples do enter into long term, committed, monogamous relationships

Every word translated as “homosexual” in the Bible is in an extreme circumstance

The church is not offering a model of being gay and Christian and leading a virtuous life

Asking people to deny their natural sexual orientations is destructive

Bisexual people are attracted to both sexes in varying degrees

There is no radical gay agenda

The loss of gay believers to the church has been tragic

The loudest message the gay community hears from Christians is one of intolerance and hatred.

What is more, Kathy says this as an “Evangelical straight Christian with no dog in this fight“.  Read what Kathy has to say (or watch the video) and let us know your thoughts.

The second is an article by Laura Brosnan, a lesbian Christian who has felt both the joy of salvation and the rejection of her church and Christian friends.

The last paragraph expresses her faith in the clearest possible terms…

 “As a Christian, I’ve felt God and his presence and know what it feels like to feel the holy spirit. The gospel wasn’t part of my life from an early age; I asked God to come into my life. No one who is saved can explain that sudden rush of understanding, that feeling of total awareness that God is there. For this I live my life with respect, understanding and love for others just the way God taught me. Nothing in the world is ever black and white, and no single person is perfect. If I know love, then I know God, and to share a consistent relationship with him through the struggles and tests of my journey is what I shall do.”

And yet her story is called “How can it be fair to say I can’t be saved by God if I’m gay?” and tells of the treatment she has received since coming out to her Christian friends.

“Every Sunday I walk into church to pray and receive disgusted looks from brothers and sisters.”

At Accepting Evangelicals, we know that Laura is not alone, and we welcome everyone who would want to make the Christian life a blessing for LGB&T people, instead of a curse.

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  1. Keep persevering Laura ignore the looks and look to God.He will honour you if you keep consistant.Pray,worship and love.I too am in a similar situation but refuse to go away and hide.
    God Bless,

    Patrick Gilan.

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