Two:23 launch a great success…

The nave at St Mary Aldermary in the City of London was packed last weekend for the launch of Two:23 – the new network which seeks to unite Christians, connected by LGBT issues, who have discovered that God loves them just as they are.

After opening prayer and worship, we were led in a profound meditation around the story of Hosea and the background to Hosea 2:23 from which the network derives its name.

Then guest speaker, The Very Rev David Ison, the Dean of St Paul’s, spoke about his own journey in recognising God at work in the lives of LGBT people.  He also challenged both gay and straight Christians to live lives that reflect the love of Christ.  David is comes from the evangelical tradition and spoke of his days as a Christian Union President, but is also known for his open and welcoming approach to LGB&T people in his previous posts at Cathedrals in Exeter and Bradford.

During the questions that followed there were deep issues explored, like whether gay Christians should stay in a church which does not welcome them, but the atmosphere remained overwhelmingly positive, and was a blessing to all.

Two:23 has several meetings planned for 2013 – the first of which is on February 23rd (2/23) which seems especially appropriate!

More information is available from their website – 

(Hosea 2:23 says:  I will say to those called ‘Not my people’, ‘You are my people’; and they will say ‘You are my God’)

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  1. I’m glad about the launch. I am gay and a Christian. However, during the time I was hiding my sexuality, I was an evangelical and also anti-gay, having signed up to the traditional view of homosexuality in biblical teaching. Inwardly I held this “dark secret”, not realizing that God loves me the way I am and not the way that other people want me to be. I now know that His love is far wider and deeper than I thought in my “prison”. I am now free to be the person I was always meant to be, and if others don’t like that, then it is their problem, not mine! I no longer consider myself anything except a Christian, who knows God loves him. I cannot add the word evangelical, because since coming out I’ve read so much about the hysterical reactions of some who consider themselves evangelical Christians – even to the point that gays should be killed – viz. the influence of US family groups on the Ugandan situation. I am frankly sickened by this.
    If two people of the same sex who are above the age of majority want to spend the rest of their lives together in a loving, committed relationship, how God Who is love condemn that? And why should I as a gay remain celibate like a Roman Catholic priest, whereas a straight man is free of that constraint? Of course, if I sleep around, I am abusing myself and others (that would apply, whether I was straight or gay).
    I have just celebrated 1 year of freedom, and so am feeling my way forward. As they say, the best is yet to come. I am very positive about the future.
    I am currently in Malaysia – on the island of Penang, staying at a guest house until this Friday, when I move into a rented house. I am retired and so can enjoy life without the need to find a job. I may consider doing some voluntary work. I intend to be here for a year.
    I’m sorry if I sounded negative earlier on. It is just that I have said goodbye to a time in my life when I was basically unhappy and unsettled and am now moving into what I believe will be the best years of my life, even though I am 64, or because I am.
    God bless you all in your ministry.

    • Thank you for your comments and for being so open and honest in your story. May we wish you every blessing in this new chapter in your life, and the fullness of life that Christ promised to all who listen to his voice. Benny

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