Happy clappy and out of the closet!

AE members might be interested to get the Independent Newspaper in the UK tomorrow (4th January) as it contains an article featuring Accepting Evangelicals and the rise of evangelicals who say that same-sex relationships are OK.

AE Trustees, Jeremy Marks and Benny Hazlehurst were interviewed for the piece by their religious correspondent along with AE member James Holland.

Or if you can’t wait, the article is available on line at The Independent.



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  1. I’m a transsexual with an Evangelical / Charismatic history and like Jeremy whom I met back in early 90s felt God could heal me. Began to realise there was nothing to heal except the pain of non acceptance not of God but his church. Long for a church to attend but doubt I’d find one. May this attitude / movement grow

  2. Superb article, naff headline: somebody needs to explain the difference between evangelicals and charismatics to the Independent; but hey, y’know…

    New fb group members might like to join:
    Christians for Equal Marriage (UK):

    • Thanks Phil – yes I agree about the limited understanding of different perspectives, but I am pleased you liked the article. On the whole I think it is very helpful…

  3. PS: for Lauren: have you read Rachel Mann’s “Dazzling Darkness”? Review here: Queering The Pitch – Review of ‘Dazzling Darkness’: Chris Fewings. I think you’d find a welcome at Rachel’s church – you can find her on twitter @metalvicar

  4. Thanks to all

  5. Sheila M. Stevenson

    Response to Lauren who writes that she can’t find a church that accepts her. Lauren – try Quakers. They, or perhaps I should say we, are totally accepting and inclusive. It’s who you are and how you live your life that matters not your sexual orientation. Try Quakers.org for your nearest meeting or to obtain further info. I should add that Quakers are not evangelical in the sense that they think they have the monopoly on ‘the truth’ and therefore want others to be ‘converted’.

  6. A very good article. Well done to all those who contributed.

  7. I am a straight ally and I thought this was a fantastic article. How refreshing to read something with the ring of truth about it instead of the disheartening nonsense that is usually bandied about.

  8. Good stuff. Its a new era and the wave of the future. Within 10 years this won’t even be an issue for most people. Christianity is all about being positive, supportive and reaching out to people. Christianity evolves and adapts..and grows!

    I guess it depends what kind of Christianity you look at. There are a lot of different models. Find one you are comfortable with and plug into it Its a broad tent.

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