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same-sex-marriage 2The UK Government’s Equal Marriage Bill is now beginning its progression through Parliament.  It will have its Second Reading next Tuesday 5th February followed by a vote of MPs to see if it will progress to the next stage.

So why not write to your MP to say what you think?

You can find your MP and email him/her at ‘Write to them’ – just put in your UK postcode and they will identify your MP as well as providing a form for you to write your email to them.

The Equal Marriage Bill published by the Government after last year’s consultation provides strong safeguards for churches and faith groups who would not want to offer marriage services to same-sex couples.   At the same time it does not rule out religious marriage services for churches who want to ‘opt-in’.

We recognise that while all members of Accepting Evangelicals support same-sex partnerships, there is a wide spectrum of views on same-sex marriage, and our position statement encourages everyone to engage in prayerful debate on the nature of marriage in the light of growing calls for same-sex marriage.

The vote on Tuesday provides us with an opportunity to write in a sensitive way to inform the debate in Parliament, and we hope that you will feel able to do this.

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