February/March Newsletter 2013

Dear Friends

UK Parliament votes for same-sex marriage

On 5th February the House of Commons voted in favour of same-sex marriage after a full and lively debate.  MP’s were given a free vote without political party instructions, and voted by 400 votes to 175 for the new law to proceed to the next stage of parliamentary scrutiny.  For some of the key speeches, please see our blog post ‘Reflections on parliament’s debate

The Bill now goes to the Committee stage where MP’s consider its provisions in detail.  If you want to write to the committee, they are inviting submissions until 12th March – follow this link for more information

Accepting Evangelicals continues to encourage prayerful reflection and debate on the nature of marriage.

Books from the States…Justin Lee

There are two books from America which have been recommended recently by our members.

The first is by Justin Lee, the founder of Gay Christian Network and is called ‘Torn’ in the USA and ‘Unconditional’ in Europe – and both have the tag line- ‘Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays Vs Christians Debate’.   The book has received considerable acclaim since its publication and we will be posting a review of it on the AE Blog in the near future.  Justin comes from a Southern Baptist church setting and part of the book charts his own struggle to reconcile his faith and sexuality.

The second has been recommended to us by an AE member who said “Gay or straight, affirming or non-affirming, everyone needs to read this book”.  Having read the reviews on Amazon, I can see why.  The book is called “Homosexianity: Letting the Truth Win the Devastating War between Scripture, Faith and Sexual Orientation” by Pator R.D. Weekly.  It is available in both paperback and Kindle formats.  Follow these links for ordering from the UK and USA.  Let us know what you think…

Campus Pride vs Chick-fil-A: a lesson in dialogue?

Also sent in by one of our members this article in the Huffington Post shows the power of dialogue to resolve conflict.

When Campus Pride Director, Shane Windmeyer, received a call from the President of a company they were campaigning against, he didn’t know what to think.  But it was the start of a dialogue which brought real change.

Read the story at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shane-l-windmeyer/dan-cathy-chick-fil-a_b_2564379.html

Women wanted…

Ellen is a Journalism student completing her degree in the UK and is interviewing LGBTQ Christians about church reaction to their sexuality, their current situation, view of gay marriage, and any experience of ex-gay groups.

Having already interviewed numerous men, she really needs to speak to some women aged 18+.  Interviews can be conducted on the phone.

If you could help, please email benny@acceptingevangelicals.org and we will pass on your email to her.

AE skyrockets!

upward-graphLast year was a good year for Accepting Evangelicals.  Not only did our membership grow by over 25%, but our website traffic has rocketed!

From around 10,000 page views per month at the beginning of the year we saw our hits rise to almost 50,000 per month by December.

And in January 2013 they rocketed again to over 90,000.

So keep up the good work in telling people about Accepting Evangelicals.  It is definitely working!

God Bless and Keep You…
Accepting Evangelicals

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