Reparative Therapy rejected by the ACC

acc logoThe Association of Christian Counsellors has amended its policy on counselling for gay people.  In a statement to all its members last month, it said,

“We do not endorse Reparative or Conversion Therapy or any model that implies a predetermined direction of outcome of counselling at the outset. We recognize that such models have the potential to impose situational demands on the client at a time of vulnerability with the potential to create harm and therefore view them as incompatible within the ethos of counselling.”

Furthermore, they are requiring all their member counsellors to stop practising these controversial therapies with immediate effect.

“Members who are considering using this model of therapy should neither commence nor continue to use it and any advertising or promotional material should be replaced immediately, or at least removed  from current use. This includes the ACC “Find a counsellor” facility on our website.”

Following the closure of Exodus International in the USA last year, (see our July Newsletter) we welcome this significant step among Christian counsellors in the UK.

You can read their full statement here.

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