A wonderfully ordinary Christian couple…

“What a lovely couple!”

How many times have you heard that said in church?

There is something beautiful about seeing two people who are in love with each other and it warms our hearts.  And when they are a Christian couple who talk about the Lord being at work in their relationship and the blessings of praying together, then we find our faith is warmed and encouraged too.

But unfortunately, in many churches, that doesn’t apply if the couple are both of the same gender.

While heterosexual couples are welcomed and celebrated, same-sex couples are often treated with discomfort, embarrassment, or suspicion – especially in Evangelical churches.   All too often what is seen is a caricature or pre-conceived image of a ‘same-sex couple’ which inhibits real conversation.

The strange thing is, people who actually take time to listen to same-sex Christian couples, find the same faith and love at work in their lives, and the same grace of God shining through.

But how can we listen if there are no same-sex couples in our church?  And if we worship in an Evangelical church, that is even more likely to be the case.

In response to this dilemma, Accepting Evangelicals has created a YouTube channel and our first video features just such a couple – Martin and Ian.

They talk openly and honestly about coming to terms with their faith and sexuality – about how God brought them together – and about the blessings they have received through their relationship with God and each other.

They are not famous Christin celebrities – they are just an ordinary couple who have promised to love each other for the rest of their lives – but for those who are willing to listen, the same quiet love and warmth shines through their stories, and the same faith in God.

At the end of this short video, there are some questions for personal reflection, or for a small group discussion.  If you know someone who has never had the opportunity to listen to a couple like Ian and Martin, perhaps you could send them a link.   Or perhaps you could suggest to your church or fellowship group that you spend a little time together hearing from this same-sex couple in their own words.

We hope that each person who watches this video will see what those of us who have the privilege of knowing Martin and Ian see – what a lovely couple!

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  1. I think that both this video and the one of Sigrun are some of the very best resources on the AE website. I cannot think of a more compelling way of demonstrating that God deeply loves and blesses all these people, both individually and as couples, and of why the church should fully accept such relationships, than listening to testimonies such as these. The quote from 1 John 4:16 is also very powerful in this context.

  2. Michael Searle

    looks nice, but for Deafened or anyone with a hearing loss the conversation is lost. Providing subtles is the best answer, but that may be to expensive for you. What you could do is have a place to post transcripts on your website.

  3. I have just begun a pastoral journey with a gay couple in my church in South Africa (where in theory we are light years ahead of the rest of Africa but in reality, and especially in the church, stuck in the dark ages) who have asked me bless their union and this is a wonderful resource and inspiration as we begin. Thank you for your courage and clarity.

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