Newsletter – November 2014

Dear Friends

David GusheeLeading Evangelical Theologian speaks out…

David Gushee is renown in Evangelical Theological circles in the USA and beyond.  He is the Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University in Georgia, a columnist for Christianity Today and his book ‘Kingdom Ethics’ was named Book of the Year when published in 2004.  He has also won the Christian Journalism Award from the Evangelical Press Association no less than 3 times!

Now David has gone on record to say he supports LGBT relationships.  Speaking at the Reformation Project Conference in Washington last week, he said, “It took me two decades of service as a married, straight evangelical Christian minister and ethicist to finally get here,” his speech says. “I am truly sorry that it took me so long to come into full solidarity with the Church’s own most oppressed group.”

He also published his newest book “Changing our Mind” last month to help others on that journey and has written in the Washington Post of his change of heart and mind.

VICKY-BEECHING 2AE Patrons in the news…

Steve Chalke and Vicky Beeching, AE Patrons and speakers at the 10th Anniversary Celebration have continued to make waves this month in publications and awards.

Steve is reported in Christian Today as saying, “Churches can’t criticise same-sex relationships and still welcome gays”.  Challenging the accepted Evangelical line of welcoming all but challenging ‘lifestyle’ he says, “Gay people don’t find evangelical churches to be an environment in which they feel welcome or can thrive. It isn’t possible to believe that gay relationships are sinful and still be truly welcoming. However nicely you say that desire for someone of the same sex is sinful, you’re still saying it.”

Vicky Beeching has been named in the Independent Newspaper’s Rainbow List 2014 – their list of the most influential LGBT people in Britain – and she has been placed 3rd out of 101 people!  She has also given an extended interview with the Huffington Post on her faith, sexuality and coming out.

If you missed our Celebration last month, you can read and hear some of the main contributions on the AE Blog and see photos on our Facebook Page.

Professor Timothy ChappellWelcome to Professor Timothy Chappell…

We are also very pleased to announce our latest Patron and our first from the Academic world.  Timothy Chappell is Professor of Philosophy at the Open University and has a keen interest in Ethics.  He has written numerous books including the standard text for the Open University on the Philosophy of Religion.

You can read about Timothy and all our Patrons here.

Book now for next year’s Oasis conference on Sexuality…

Oasis Church WaterlooAndrew Marin, Vicky Beeching, Tony Campolo, Rachel Mann and Steve Chalke are among the speakers at next April’s major conference in London on ‘The Church, Sexuality, Mission and the Future’.

The 2 day conference aims to provide an environment where speakers with different views on sexuality can engage in positive creative conversations.  One of the aims is to consider what a truly inclusive Church community looks and feels like.  Other aims include reading the Bible more deeply, in an honest, affirming and consistent manner along with how we can walk with other Christians who think differently to us on these issues.

Early Bird Tickets are available at a discount until 31st December.


God Bless and Keep You

Accepting Evangelicals, Better for Everyone!

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