Elaine Sommers

We have received news that Elaine Sommers passed away at her home in Bristol on Friday 26 Feb 2021.

As well a being Co-Chair of Accepting Evangelicals, she had also been Co-President of the European Forum of LGBT Groups, and a founder member of Christians at Bristol Pride.

In professional life, she worked as an orthopaedic surgeon for the NHS for three decades. She came out as trans* in 2004.

Jane Ozanne wrote on FaceBook:

“She did the most inspirational work, including in schools and amongst evangelicals, and will be sorely missed by her friends and family.”

She was included on the Pink List 2020 The 36 most influential LGBT+ people in Bristol right now.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her famlily and friends, and we add our gratitude to the work that she did for the LGBTQIA+ community.

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