What does the Bible say?

The Bible is at the centre of an Evangelical understanding of the Christian Faith.  Many claim that it condemns same-sex relationships – but is this true?

Cracking the Binary CodeAnvil Theological Journal

Is life and faith a simple choice between two alternatives?  Accept or reject? Affirm or deny? Submit or rebel?  Or is life, faith and the Bible a little more complicated than that?

An article by Benny Hazlehurst in Anvil Theological Journal 2014.

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Bible says No?

A series of shorter articles from Accepting Evangelicals looking at the verses in Scripture which are often used to condemn same-sex rerlationships:

Good News for LGB&T People

A new series by Martin Stears-Handscomb examining the positive message which the Bible has for LGB&T people.

Accepting Evangelicals publications

Accepting Evangelicals came into being as a result of response to the following letter, printed in the Church of England Newspaper in 2004.

Same-sex marriage

CofE Human Sexuality Working Group 2012

What other people have said

Interview with Philip Yancey – Amazed by Grace

Philip Yancey is a best selling American Evangelical Christian author with over 14 million books sold worldwide.  In 1994, his very close friend and fellow Evangelical author, Mel White came out as being gay.  This interview explores how Philip Yancey responded to the challenges this brought.

Why Evangelicals must think again about homosexuality.

Roy Clements was a leading Evangelical in the UK until 1999 when he was ‘outed’ in the national press.   Until then he has been the Minister at Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge, was on the council of Evangelical Alliance, and wrote over a dozen best selling Christian books.  Since then he has written a number of papers on various topics which can now be found on the Courage website.  You will find link to 2 of these below:  the first is a letter to his old friend John Stott;  the second an account of why we need to look again at homosexuality and Biblical interpretation.

Bishop James Jones – Diocesan Synod Address

In March 2010, the Bishop of Liverpool called for a new approach to homosexuality in the Church of England and the Anglican Communion.

“I believe the day is coming when Christians who equally profoundly disagree about the consonancy of same gender love with the discipleship of Christ will in spite of their disagreement drink openly from the same cup of salvation…This is I believe the next chapter to be written in the Church of England and the Anglican Communion.”

Coming from a leading Evangelical Bishop, this caused quite a stir, but was the result of many years of prayer, listening, and reflection.  A full copy of his speech can be found below.

Acceptance, Love and Belonging

Many churches say that they accept LGB&T people – but all to often that ‘acceptance’ is conditional.  AE member Lindsey reflects on the kind of acceptance that really enables people to be truly themselves – the people God created them to be.

Reluctant Journey

Goerge Hopper is a retired local preacher in the Methodist Church, who has written about his ‘Reluctant Journey’ to acceptance of same sex realtionships.