May 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends

We hope you had a wonderful Easter – here are a few pieces of news from around the world this month and an important invitation.

AE Annual Meeting …

You are warmly invited to our 2nd Annual Meeting in London next month:

  • · Saturday 11th June
  • · 3- 5pm
  • · St Andrews Church Waterloo
  • · less than 5 minutes walk from either Waterloo Station or Southwark Tube (Jubilee Line)

All members of Accepting Evangelicals are invited to

  • · pray and worship together
  • · review the past year and discuss ideas for the year ahead,
  • · appoint trustees and steering group for the coming year

St Andrew’s church is on Short Street (SE1 8LJ) which is just opposite the famous Young Vic Theatre.

If you are able to come, it would help us if you could let us know by email:

See this link for how to find the venue – St Andrews Waterloo.

Gay marriage debate continues …

Since the publication of ‘Towards a Theology of Gay Marriage?’ in the Church of England Newspaper at the beginning of March, not a week has gone by without the debate continuing in the Britain’s leading Evangelical Newspaper.

That is not to say that all the contributions have been positive. Last week letters page contained an piece directly attacking ‘the rise of the group Accepting Evangelicals’, along with Andrew Marin from the USA who has been a speaker at Spring Harvest for the last 2 years. According to the writer of the letter, there is a link between pro-gay groups and those who want to accept women in church leadership, as both have rejected Paul’s teachings.

Letters can, as always, be sent to the Editor at the CEN – email address:

You can also read a more balanced appraisal of Andrew Marin’s book “Love is an Orientation” on the Fulcrum website:

Transgender recognition in Pakistan

T’s are too often forgotten in evangelical debates around sexuality and gender. Yet they suffer continuing prejudice, violence and discrimination, often at a much higher level than other groups.

In the news recently were 2 items which were striking on Transgender. The first was the vicious prolonged attack on a transgender woman by 2 young women in a McDonald’s in Baltimore, filmed by a McDonald’s employee and put up on YouTube. It shows the dangers that transgender people face in ordinary day to day life. More encouraging was the peaceful protest which took place against this attack which included faith groups. For more information see:

Elsewhere, in Pakistan – a country not known for its progressive views, Transsexuals have now been recognised as an official gender category on national identity cards. If such a conservative country (both politically and religiously) can make such a bold move, perhaps there is hope for others. More information at:

Maze – a safe space in Durham …

AE member Sally has asked us to publicise the group MAZE which is a safe space for LGB and T people in Durham city centre (UK) for fellowship, worship, and building discipleship. For more information. please contact Sally at

And finally – “I preached against homosexuality but I was wrong”

These are the words of Presbyterian Minister, Murray Richmond, who has changed his mind over gay relationships. You can read his story and his reasons at:

God Bless and Keep You…

Accepting Evangelicals


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