We welcome enquiries from the press, are happy to comment on relevant news issues, and can provide people for interview.

Press contact

Jeremy Marks (Secretary)

Press Releases and published articles:

Press release – 14 Aug 2014 – Vicky Beeching
Evangelical Support for Vicky Beeching

Press release – 2 May 2014 – Evangelical Alliance
Oasis thrown out of Evangelical Alliance

Press release – 3 March 2014 – First Patrons for AE
Rev Steve Chalke and Bishop David Gillett – AE’s first Patrons

Press Release – 28 November 2013 – Pilling Report
Pilling Report recognises Evangelical diversity and quotes Accepting Evangelicals

Misreading the Map – Has the Church got lost on the moors?
Church of England Newspaper – 12 September 2013

Submission to HoB Sexuality Review 2012 – Accepting Evangelicals
Our submission to the Pilling Working Group on Human Sexuality – from May 2012.

Press release – 15th January 2013 – Steve Chalke calls for change
Evangelical Leader Steve Chalke goes public in calling for welcome and support for same-sex partnerships in church

Letter to the Church of England Newspaper – 17th June 2012
Following a highly critical editorial the previous week

Church of England Newspaper Letter – 29 Jan 2012
Following Rev Simon Tillotson’s letter affirming same-sex faithful relationships

Press Release – 5th September 2011 – MP’s letter misguided
Comment on the letter by Mike Weatherley MP to the Prime Minister on Civil Partnerships

Anglican Coalition Press Release – 2nd August 2011
LGBT Anglican Coalition offers assistance in Sexuality Reviews

Press Release – 1st July 2011 – New discrimination rules against gay clergy
Following the statment by the House of Bishops – 1st July 2011

Mission Catalyst Article – Spring 2011
Article by Martin Stears-Handscombe published in ‘Mission Catalyst’ magazine for Baptist Ministers.

Towards a Theology of Gay Marriage
Church of England Newspaper (4th March 2011)

Response letters in the Church of England Newspaper – March 2011

Letter in the Church Times – 11th February 2011 – Ex-gay Therapy

Anglican Coalition Press Release – 20th October 2010
Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury 

Right Direction – Wrong Turn – Archbishop’s Pentecost Letter 2010

Letter in the Church Times – 14th March 2010 – Bishop James Jones