The Love of God

by Liz Styan, England

(based on Psalm 36)

Your love, O God, breaks the small boundaries of our understanding.
Your faithfulness is not constrained by etiquette and protocol.
Your righteousness is as firm, yet as fluid as the ever-changing face of the mountains.
Your justice can plumb the depths of our humanity and raise us up to new heights.

You, O God, have created both the Gay and the Straight.
You love and nurture us all.
You preserve and honour our lives.
In you we find refuge and strength, inspiration and courage,
From the abundance of your spirit, without partiality, you give of yourself to us all.
For with you is the fountain of life, in you we find acceptance and renewal. 

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  1. I stopped at the first line. “Your love, o God, breaks the small boundaries of our understanding”. I visualized a person, who was so wrapped up in his set of beliefs that it had become a straitjacket which prevented him from embracing another human being and being embraced for fear that he might be challenged by this encounter to such an extent that the whole point of the existence he had chosen for himself will collapse. But what God does is to break this straitjacket by applying all over it the precious ointment of his unconditional love. This makes the straitjacket just fall away so that God can then embrace the one who is hurting so much and who is beginning to realize that he doesn’t need to prove anything for God to love him. As he experiences this love for himself his understanding of how he fits into a world of others just like himself grows out from within God’s love for him, and he is ready to embrace others with the same love God has shown him and will always show him. In this process God gives him an understanding far beyond his own and he no longer needs to fear, because God’s perfect love casts out all vestige of fear and anxiety in this man’s heart, mind and soul.

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