Position Statement on Same-sex Marriage – Summer 2012

Recognising the variety of opinion on same-sex marriage which exists among members of Accepting Evangelicals and the lack of theological reflection in the Church on this issue:


Accepting Evangelicals is committed to encouraging theological discussion and prayerful reflection on the nature and historical development of marriage, in relation to growing calls for marriage to be extended to include same-sex couples.

We believe there needs to be a broader understanding of the importance of marriage and civil partnership to society; and also a greater understanding of the Biblical roots of covenant commitments.

We observe that to society in general, where two people who love each other make a commitment, whatever name we might give it, that commitment is seen as “marriage”; therefore the positive nature of that commitment should be acknowledged in our discussion.

We will seek to promote this discussion in a way which will enable mutual growth and understanding among all Christians, initially with those who take an affirming or accepting view of same-sex relationships.

We also call on the wider church to engage in this process of theological reflection and express deep concern about some of the claims that have been made by those opposed to such a change.

We believe that there needs to be a time of stepping back from polarised debate and listening to each other with mutual respect in order to achieve some level of reconciliation.


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