Welcome to our new section on Transgender issues.

Here you will find some basic information and an encouragement to consider Trans issues with a view to making transgender people feel welcome and valued in our churches and fellowships.

Please follow the links below.

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“Faith, Gender and Me” by Elaine Sommers tackles some of the basic questions about Transgender and dispels some of the misunderstandings.

A Chosen Lifestyle? – looks at whether being Trans is a choice

Towards Transgender Wholeness – explores some of the ways to self-understanding and acceptance which many Trans people experience

I Have a Dream… – inspiration towards a better future


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  3. I am a post operative transwoman from an Afro Caribbean background. I have been attending church from a young age and also from a young age I felt that there was something different about me. I would pray at nights asking God to change me into a girl while I slept but it never happened of course! Growing up I would also pray asking God to leadme to a scripture saying that what I was feeling was wrong. I never found the scripture. Now that I have had the surgery I do like my body more but feel that because I went through with surgey I am constently living in a sinful nature. I would love to worship open with those that accept me and with other Christians who are transgender. Most of all I would like to know that God accepts me in my redefined body!

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