Hello Greenbelt!

Thank you to the hundreds of people who came to talk to us at the Accepting Evangelicals stand at Greenbelt 2012.  It was great to talk with you and answer your questions, and we really appreciated the many messages of support we received.

For your convenience, here are quick links to some of the articles which we had on display.  I am sorry we ran out of some of them – demand outstripped our expectations!

Bible says No?  Part 1

Bible says No?  Part 2 – Leviticus 18

Bible says No?  Part 3 – Corinthians and Timothy

Bible says No?  Part 4 – Romans

Towards a Theology of Gay Marriage?

You might also like to read some of the stories of people you met – if so, follow this link.

We would also like to welcome all of our new members – it is great to have you on board.  If you didn’t join over the weekend but meant to, follow this link to sign up on-line.

God Bless and Keep You

Accepting Evangelicals

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